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Taiwan Driver License Information:

  • How to get one for car and motorcycle
  • How to get it translated to Japanese for use in Japan
Taiwan mountain driving. Taitung.


Do you need / want to drive in Taiwan? There are many reasons to do so. But, of course, you need a proper license – not just so you don’t get a ticket, but also for liability in an accident.

There are many sites that already present info. about the Taiwan Drivers License so I will link to them. Below is a compliation of what I learned taking the car and scooter licenses in Kaohsiung.

Please note: I took the test in Kaohsiung (Nanzi). Though you’d think the tests and process are the same around the country, it may not. I’ve heard that the driving test in Taipei, for example, is pretty difficult and most foreigners pay for lessons and take the test at driving schools. I did it on my own down south here – except I “rented” the “track” of a driving school two times for an hour (50 min.) each to get familiar with the course. It’s about $800NT each time and comes with an instructor for the first part. I recommend this. But, if you’ve never driven before, you should take the full course.


  1. Review all the steps and procedures. Assess your abilities and experience then start the process.
  2. Have a license from another country?
    • If you are an experienced driver with a license from another country, first check if you can convert the license to a Taiwan license. Check out this link. Note: This is a Chinese langauge site. They have English but it’s not easy to find this information and, the Chinese version is always the legal and most updated.
    • This site provides more details.
    • If you don’t have experience or a license already, you will want to go to a driving school. The school will also administer all the tests. This is what the Taiwan locals do. Costs money and takes time but almost guaranteed to pass and get a license.
  3. Get the medical test. When I registered at the Motor Vehicles department, they gave me the form to take to the Hospital for the medical test. I then went to a local hospital and took the test. It’s pretty basic. They do check your eyes so if you wear glasses, bring them.
  4. Register for the test. Here is a link. I wasn’t successful so I just went to the Motor Vehicles Test center to register. that also provided an opportunity to get familier with the facilities and ask questions.
  5. <Scooter license must take a 2-hour driver safety test at the government facility. You have to take this before you can take any tests.>
  6. Study for the written test
    1. Car test
      • Both tests can be studies via practice test online in multiple langauges, including English. Here is the practice test: <link>
    2. Scooter test
      • The scooter test covers a bit more content than the car test but I guess there’s an 80% overlap
    3. Test link (same as above).
  7. Take and pass the written test
  8. Study / practice for the driving test
    1. Scooter: motorcycle road test Kaohsiung. There are multiple other videos.
      • A few key items:
        • first step – driving in a straight line. Use a heavy scooter to practice and take the test. It is easier to balance. I first tried my little e-bike but it was a bear to balance.
        • Make sure to bring and wear your helmet.
        • Be sure to turn you head both ways before you start from stopped position. You won’t get in trouble for doing it too much.
        • Don’t rush.
        • Don’t put your feet down unless you’re coming to a stop – even on corners
    2. Car:
      1. English (decent translation). Full course test.
      2. Foreigner explaination of whole process.
      3. With the car test, after you pass the course test, you need to do a “live” test on the road. There are videos that explain this as well. Note that the videos will explain the different parts of the test. Your test will be different. The tester will take you one time around and explain (in Chinse) what you need to do. Then you do it with him at your side. If you can pass the course test, the road test is a piece of cake.
        • A few Key items:
          • Your actual test course will be different from the videos you watch or even the practice course if you pay to rent a car/course as I did.
          • Your tester will take you in the car around the course in the proper order and do all the events. (But they may not follow all the nit-picky steps like turning indicator when pulling out of a parking space).
          • Use the turn indicator all the time. You won’t get points off for using it too much.
          • Here is my notes from preparing for and taking the car test. It’s in a Word document.
  9. Take and pass the written test and get a license!

Other sites that may be helpful:

Translation to Japanese

Headed to Japan? Wonderful! Want to rent a car (and/or a motorcycle if you’re goingto Okinawa)? You’re in luck. If you have successfully acquired your Taiwan license, you can use that (along with a translation) in Japan.

But how to get it translated?

Two options:

  • Do it when you get to Japan. Here’s a link to do that. Note: I haven’t tried this but it seems like a common, well-documented process. The cost at time of posting was about $30USD. This link from a car rental agency in Japan, Orix, may also prove helpful.
  • But if you are presently in Taiwan, the best way is to go to the Motor Vehicle’s Department (same place you go to get the D/L) and ask for a translation into Japanese. The cost is only $100NT per license. Here’s the link to their site with the details.
    • I went to the new Kohsiung City Motor Vehicles Office Lingya Station
    • The did it while I was at the counter
    • I was in and out in 10 minutes on a Thursday afternoon!
    • Note: Be certain to bring the translation as well as your Taiwan D/L. Might be good to being the receipt. And maybe take a picture of them for good measure.

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