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History trial – safe in Egypt | Acts 7:9-16

9 “These patriarchs were jealous of their brother Joseph, and they sold him to be a slave in Egypt. But God was with him 10 and rescued him from all his troubles. And God gave him favor before Pharaoh, king of Egypt. God also gave Joseph unusual wisdom, so that Pharaoh appointed him governor over all of Egypt and put him in charge of the palace.

11 “But a famine came upon Egypt and Canaan. There was great misery, and our ancestors ran out of food. 12 Jacob heard that there was still grain in Egypt, so he sent his sons—our ancestors—to buy some. 13 The second time they went, Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers,[d] and they were introduced to Pharaoh. 14 Then Joseph sent for his father, Jacob, and all his relatives to come to Egypt, seventy-five persons in all. 15 So Jacob went to Egypt. He died there, as did our ancestors. 16 Their bodies were taken to Shechem and buried in the tomb Abraham had bought for a certain price from Hamor’s sons in Shechem.

Acts 7:9-16 (NLT) 中文

Trial history lesson continues

Stephen continues his abbreviated history of Israel with an emphasis on God’s promises to be faithful to Israel. In the last post he shared about God’s call to Abraham in Ur in Mesopotamia and Abraham’s response, in faith, to go to Cannan. This is followed by God’s promise to Abraham to bless him and make him a nation – even though he had no son. But He gave him a son, Isaac, and grandson, Jacob, which led to the 12 tribes, the patriarchs. The jealousy of these patriarchs toward Joseph starts the next part of the account.

History – escape to Egypt

Stephen continues the history lesson here with the patriarch’s move to Egypt to avoid a famine in Canaan. God protected them in this way and protected them in Egypt through Joseph. The one they rejected due to jealousy became their Savior! They found favor there and grew into the nation God had promised Abraham many generations earlier.

Connection to Christ

Did you notice the parallel here to Jesus? I just noticed it for the first time. This is more than a slight hint to how these religious leaders judging Stephen treated Jesus. Joseph was a type of Christ: rejected by his brothers, favored by God, then savior of those who rejected him. Stephen is also careful to tie the story back to those putting him on trial using “our ancestors”. He’s setting them up for the 1-2 punch!


  • Have you read the Old Testament? It’s a must! How can you understand these historical accounts? By reading the OT, these accounts become more real and less just “stories”. Don’t be afraid. Just pick up and start at the beginning. You can follow this blog for Genesis or use any other study tool. 
  • Knowing the history from the OT, do you see how it all weaves together into a whole? Is it possible this could have been man made? God must have not only inspired the Bible but worked all these details together.
Egypt pyramids. Image from pxfuel.com

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