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Bursting with joy! | Matthew 28:8-10

8 And they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy, and ran to report to His disciples. 9 And behold, Jesus met them [ b ]and said, “[ c ]Rejoice!” And they came up and took hold of His feet, and worshiped Him. 10 Then Jesus *said to them, “[ d ]Do not be afraid; go, bring word to My brothers to leave for Galilee, and there they will see Me.” 

Matthew 28:8-10 (ESV) 中文

Alive again?

It’s now early Sunday morning, the first day of the week. Jesus was dead but that was Friday, it’s Sunday! The women are at the tomb. An angel has rolled the large stone from the tomb, spoken with them to calm their fears and invited them to see for themselves that He’s gone. Then they gave them instructions to tell the disciples. But they haven’t seen Jesus.

Fear and great joy

Today’s passage says they took off running. As we noted yesterday, their emotions were conflicted and overloaded. I’m sure as they’re running they’re wondering, “Am I dreaming? How could this be? What if this is a cruel joke by the religious leaders or Romans?” Matthew tells us concisely, they were full of “fear and great joy.” I guess Matthew didn’t have words to describe their feelings. “If this is really true, If this is really true, we don’t know how to express ourselves,” they may have exclaimed.

Can you relate?

Can you remember that time you were awaiting news of the results of a job interview at your dream company. You were desperate for that job. Then you see the letter in the mail and the excitement begins. You fumble to open the envelope (or click the email). You’re wondering, “Is it acceptance or rejection?” Human nature tells you it’s a rejection notice, but your spirit wants to believe it’s acceptance. You start to read…you’re offered the job! Now take that emotion and magnify it 5 or 10 times.

Bursting with joy!

Knowing their fear and wonder, Jesus appears to them in person. John’s account adds that at first they didn’t recognize Him (John 20:14-18). But can you imagine what it must have been like when they did?! Take the feeling you contrived in the previous step and crank it up 100x! Visually, I picture an old garden hose that’s squirting water all over.

Communication confirmed

Jesus first had the angels tell the women the message to give the disciples: “Go to Galilee to see me.” Now He tells them directly. Why? They were undoubtedly so emotionally charged that they needed a reminder of the message. Likely also to help in the communication to the disciples. For if it was only an angel, the disciples may have said, “You are too excited. You think you saw an angel.” Or, “Why would he tell us to go to Galilee to see Him and not here in Jerusalem?” But if they heard that first an angel then Jesus Himself told them, they would be more convinced.

In the Mark account, he adds a small detail in the communication, “But go, tell His disciples and Peter…” (Mark 16:7). It seems Jesus wants to start the rebuilding process of Peter after he denied Christ three times.


  • Can you remember the last time you were so overflowing with joy? Hopefully you directed all that emotion toward God, the source of our joy. (Galatians 5:22, Romans 14:17, Philippians 4:4)
  • Follower of Christ, this joy of salvation is ours (1 Peter 1, esp 6, 8). But we’re not to keep it contained. Let it leak on others all around you. Be filled with the Spirit and one of His fruit will be joy. (Galatians 5:22)
Leaky garden hose. Image from gardenerspath.com *

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