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Kindness cubed | Genesis 42:25-28

25 Then Joseph gave orders [privately] that their bags be filled with grain, and that every man’s money [used to pay for the grain] be put back in his sack, and that provisions be given to them for the journey. And so this was done for them.

26 They loaded their donkeys with grain and left from there. 27 And at the lodging place, as one of them opened his sack to feed his donkey, he saw his money in the opening of his sack. 28 And he said to his brothers, “My money has been returned! Here it is in my sack!” And their hearts sank, and they were afraid and turned trembling to one another, saying, “What is this that God has done to us?”

Genesis 42:25-28 (AMP)

Kindness cubed

The kindness of Joseph toward his brothers continues. Yesterday, he relented from keeping them all in jail and sending just one back. He knew the family in Canaan needed the food and it would take the whole lot of them to bring the food back. So he just kept Simeon. Now this kindness is extended from not just provision of food for the famine but provisions for the journey home and return of their payment for the food! If I were them, I’d also wonder what is going on: “We’re accused of being spies. One of us has been held as a security deposit of sorts. And now we get this blessing!?”, they must has wondered.


The brothers stop at the overnight rest stop. One (we don’t know which) finds their money returned to them. Why did just the one open his sack then? I’d have thought each one would have been curious and opened their sacks right away. Maybe they were too overwhelmed. They certainly made a connection from this to their crime against Joseph many years ago.

God’s work

“Whether he was aware of it or not, God guided this spirit-filled man (Genesis 41:38) to do some strange things that would bring about true repentance and reconciliation with the brothers…Joseph did this for his brothers before they were reconciled to him. They had yet to repent or ask forgiveness – yet He loved them and cared for them. He gave to them and they didn’t even know it!” (enduringword.com

“This is the first time in the story that the brothers mentioned God. Their aroused consciences saw God at work behind what they were experiencing (cf. vv. 21-22).” (planobiblechapel.org) It brought a holy fear.


  • There is a strong connection between the heart of Joseph and his loving actions and that of Jesus. The brothers treated Joseph as an enemy. Before they repented, Joseph already forgave them with actions of kindness and tremendous mercy. He did not take vengeance. By forgiving them, he was, in a way, accepting the punishment for their sin against him.
  • How do we treat others that have offended us? Do we show them this same kind of kindness and mercy?
Kindness in kids. Image from thinkkindness.org *

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