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Famine of Faith | Genesis 26:6-11

6 So Isaac lived in Gerar. 7 When the men of the place asked about his wife, he said, “She is my sister,” for he was afraid to say, “my wife,” thinking, “the men of the place might kill me on account of Rebekah, since she is beautiful.” 8 Now it came about, when he had been there a long time, that Abimelech king of the Philistines looked down through a window, and saw them, and behold, Isaac was caressing his wife Rebekah.

9 Then Abimelech called Isaac and said, “Behold, she certainly is your wife! So how is it that you said, ‘She is my sister’?” And Isaac said to him, “Because I thought, ‘otherwise I might be killed on account of her.’” 10 And Abimelech said, “What is this that you have done to us? One of the people might easily have slept with your wife, and you would have brought guilt upon us.” 11 So Abimelech commanded all the people, saying, “He who touches this man or his wife will certainly be put to death.”

Genesis 26:6-11 (NASB)

Following the father

Yesterday we talked about how Isaac followed in the footsteps of Abraham when the famine came…he picked up and left. But God interrupted his trip and told him to stay and not go to Egypt like his dad did. Then He conferred the same blessing of descendents including Messiah. Now Isaac is living in Gerar.

Famine of Faith

Rebekah was beautiful, even at an advanced age, like Sarah, Isaac’s mom was. And again, like his father, Isaac lied about his wife – saying she was his sister, not his wife. Why? Same reason. Living out of fear rather than faith. Call it a famine of faith. 

Righteous non-believers

And, as with the last time, the non-believers proved more righteous than God’s chosen people. The king of the Philistines feared that guilt would come upon them if anyone had violated Rebekah so issued a command for no man to even touch Rebekah! “Abimelech was a good and holy man; and he appears to have considered adultery as a grievous and destructive crime.” (Clarke’s commentary)


  • How’s your faith? Are you facing a famine of faith? Does God seem distant or unresponsive? Maybe you feel abandoned by Him. He’s called you to some particular change, to turn away from a sin or take a step of faith, and He’s not there to help. You can’t do it. I think that’s just where he wants us. Use that last ounce of faith and see what He’ll do.
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