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Promise Maker and Keeper | Zechariah 9:1-8 (NLT)

1 This is the message from the Lord against the land of Aram and the city of Damascus, for the eyes of humanity, including all the tribes of Israel, are on the Lord.

2 Doom is certain for Hamath, near Damascus, and for the cities of Tyre and Sidon, though they are so clever…

4 But now the Lord will strip away Tyre’s possessions and hurl its fortifications into the sea, and it will be burned to the ground.…

8 I will guard my Temple and protect it from invading armies.

I am watching closely to ensure that no more foreign oppressors overrun my people’s land.

Zechariah 9:1-8 (NLT)

Bit of explanation

Before we get started, know that there is some debate over who the author is of this next part of Zechariah. The form and content doesn’t well match the previous chapters of Zechariah or his era. It’s important to understand a bit about the author and audience of what we’re reading. It could be that it came later in his life. Some guess chapters 9-11 are from Jeremiah, who wrote earlier. Others think maybe an unnamed prophet. I won’t put my money on any idea. We’ll just look at the text.

Prophecy fulfilled

God foretells the destruction of Israel’s enemies, one by one. These commentaries provide some detail:

  • Verse 4 talks of Tyre’s destruction. JFB commentary offers this bit of history: “Alexander, though without a navy, by incredible labor constructed a mole of the ruins of Old Tyre (fulfilling Eze 26:4-12,”
  • Enduringword.com suggests that most scholars see this message from the Lord against the land of Aram, “as fulfilled by the armies of Alexander the Great when he conquered this region. The cities mentioned in Zechariah 9:1-7 trace Alexander’s march through the Promised Land in 332-331 B.C.” For more history lessons, see enduringword.com – including an account of how God may have fulfilled v8, protecting His temple from foreign conquest.

God is a promise maker and promise keeper!

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