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  • Spirit of generosity | Acts 11:27-30
    Believe it or not, generous giving is also a gift (Romans 12:8). We should follow the example of the early church and give generously. But also give willingly.
  • Barnabas & Saul ministry | Acts 11:22-26
    Paul & Barnabas did much great ministry together. They took a financial gift from the Antioch church to the Jerusalem church when a famine hit (we’ll see soon).
  • Even more gentiles believe | Acts 11:19-21
    Even more gentiles were believing. This was just the beginning of an explosion of gentiles coming to faith in Christ which would soon exceed the Jews doing so.
  • Review Gentile reception | Acts 11:1-18
    God told and proved it to Peter who told it to the rest of the church who now all accept the gentiles. The circle is completed. 
  • Walk by the Spirit | Galatians 5:16-24
    When you walk the walk of life, are you doing it on your own? You will likely follow the desires of the flesh. Or do you stick to the Spirit & go where He goes?

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