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  • Using your resources | Matthew 27:57-61
    Take a quick assessment of how you are using your resources. Your money, time, talent, abilities, and gifts. God is likely speaking to you right now about it!
  • Where were the men? | Matthew 27:55-56
    My guess is they were too afraid for their own lives. It is certainly natural. But it’s worthwhile stressing that this is before the filling of the Holy Spirit.
  • What could be better? | Matthew 27:51-54
    This is wonderful news! God has always been present and loving people but there was a barrier of sin keeping mankind from His presence…and consequently, Heaven.
  • What could be worse? | Matthew 27:45-50
    Jesus experienced separation from the Father, the worst of all suffering. But unsaved readers beware, you will face separation from God also – forever.
  • If He came down | Matthew 27:38-44
    Why didn’t Jesus do as they said and come down from the cross. That would have proved He is Messiah right? They’d all believe, just like they say here, yes?

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