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  • Right to demand rights? | Acts 16:35-40
    Have your rights have been trampled? Consider prayerfully how to respond. Err on the side of grace and love. And trust the Righteous Judge to make things right.
  • Jailer and family freed | Acts 16:31-34
    Just as God freed Paul and Barnabas from the physical jail, He now frees the jailer and his whole household from the spiritual jail of sin.
  • Casting out consequence | Acts 16:22-30
    In our gospel sharing, who does the work? Surely we have a part, but the “heavy lifting”, the real work, is the Holy Spirit. That’s where the power lies!
  • Fortune telling in the Bible | Acts 16:16-21
    Divination “continues as those who … read palms, tea leaves, tarot cards, star charts, and more.” Much is smoke and mirrors; other is evil spirits.
  • Gospel preparation | Acts 16:11-15
    When you share the good news with others (and we should be), who does the work? We have our part but are mistaken to think it’s all up to us -or to act like it.

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